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Global Metals® provides a full range of precision aluminum strip for almost any application. We produce aluminum strip in a wide variety of alloys, including clad composites. Our aluminum strip can be produced in standard dimensions or custom made to your special requirements. We produce both imperial and metric units. We manufacture in compliance with the main international specifications, and tighter tolerances or custom tempers are available upon request. We offer various surface conditions, custom finishes (painting, anodizing, embossing), special processing, and multiple packaging options to meet our customer's unique requirements. The following is a summary of our capabilities.


 Alloy No.  UNS               EN                   Description                  
 1000 Series - Pure Aluminum, 99% and Greater
 Al 1002A91002           AW-1002            >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1050 A91050AW-1050  >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1050A        A91050A    AW-1050A  >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1060 A91060 AW-1060  >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1070    A91070    AW-1070 >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1070A   A91070A  AW-1070A >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1100         A91100 AW-1100  >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1145      A91145 AW-1145   >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1200     A91200     AW-1200  >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1230     A91230     AW-1230  >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1235    A91235     AW-1235   >99% Pure Aluminum
 Al 1350     A91350 AW-1350   >99% Pure Aluminum
 2000 Series - Copper Aluminum
 Al 2014  A92014     AW-2014 Cycling Grade Aluminum
 Al 2024  A92024  AW-2024  Aircraft + Aerospace Grade
 Al 2124     A92124  AW-2124  Aircraft + Aerospace Grade
 Al 2219  A92219  AW-2219 Aircraft + Aerospace Grade
 3000 Series - Manganese Aluminum 
 Al 3002   A93002 AW-3002 Manganese Aluminum
 Al 3003    A93003    AW-3003 Manganese Aluminum
 Al 3004A93004    AW-3004Manganese Aluminum
 Al 3005     A93005     AW-3005  Manganese Aluminum
 Al 3025     A93025    AW-3025  Manganese Aluminum 
 Al 3103     A93103     AW-3103 Manganese Aluminum
 Al 3104    A93104      AW-3104   Manganese Aluminum 
 Al 3105     A93105      AW-3105 Manganese Aluminum
 Al 3105A  A93105A    AW-3105AManganese Aluminum 
 4000 Series - Silicon Aluminum 
 Al 4006  A94006   AW-4006Silicon Aluminum
 Al 4015A   A94015A AW-4015ASilicon Aluminum
 5000 Series - Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5005   A95005   AW-5005  Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5005A  A95005A    AW-5005AMagnesium Aluminum 
 Al 5010         A95010     AW-5010 Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5049              A95049AW-5049  Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5050        A95050AW-5050 Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5052A95052AW-5052Aerospace + MarineGrade
 Al 5056         A95056     AW-5056 Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5059    A95059     AW-5059Aerospace + MarineGrade
 Al 5083    A95083     AW-5083 Marine Grade Aluminum
 Al 5086    A95086     AW-5086 Marine Grade Aluminum
 Al 5154    A95154     AW-5154 Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5182    A95182     AW-5182 Magnesium Aluminum 
 Al 5251    A95251     AW-5251  Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5252         A95252     AW-5252  Magnesium Aluminum 
 Al 5254    A95254     AW-5254  Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5454   A95454     AW-5454 Magnesium Aluminum 
 Al 5456   A95456     AW-5456 Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5457   A95457     AW-5457   Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5652    A95652    AW-5652 Magnesium Aluminum 
 Al 5657    A95657     AW-5657  Magnesium Aluminum
 Al 5754   A95754      AW-5754   Magnesium Aluminum 
 6000 Series - Magnesium-Silicon Aluminum
 Al 6003 A96003 AW-6003 Magnesium-Silicon Aluminum
 Al 6010 A96010AW-6010 Magnesium-Silicon Aluminum
 Al 6013A96013 AW-6013 Aircraft + Aerospace Grade
 Al 6022    A96022      AW-6022  Magnesium-Silicon Aluminum
 Al 6061    A96061     AW-6061  Aerospace + Marine Grade
 Al 6063    A96063      AW-6063  Aerospace + Marine Grade
 Al 6082        A96082 AW-6082  Marine Grade Aluminum 
 Al 6111   A96111     AW-6111   Magnesium-Silicon Aluminum
 7000 Series - Zinc Aluminum  
 Al 7008A97008 AW-7008Zinc Aluminum
 Al 7050A97050 Aw-7050 Aircraft + Aerospace Grade 
 Al 7072A97072 AW-7072 Zinc Aluminum
 Al 7075      A97075  AW-7075 Aircraft + Aerospace Grade
 Al 7175   A97175      AW-7175   Zinc Aluminum 
 Al 7178 A97178AW-7178Zinc Aluminum  
 Al 7475   A97475    AW-7475 Aircraft + Aerospace Grade
 8000 Series - Other Alloys 
 Al 8006        A98006  AW-8006  
 Al 8011   A98011  AW-8011   
 Al 8011A      A98011A  AW-8011A   
 Al 8014         A98014   AW-8014  
 Al 8079             A98079 AW-8079  
 Al 8111             A98111  AW-8111  
Other Alloys - available upon request

Clad Composites

- Aluminum Alloy & Aluminum Alloy
- Aluminum Alloy & Copper Alloy
- One-sided 
- Two-sided


Min. Gauge   0.006" 0.150 mmFor thinner gauges, see Aluminum Foil
Max. Gauge      0.375"  9.530 mmFor thicker gauges, see Aluminum Plate


Min. Width         0.250" 6.350 mmFor narrower widths, see Aluminum Wire
Max. Width   96.000" 2,440 mm 


- Manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications and standards, 
  including:  Aluminum Association, ASTM, EN, and DIN. 
- We can also manufacture in compliance with other international standards including:


- Manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications and standards.
- Tighter tolerances are available upon request.


- Manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications and standards.
- Custom tempers are available upon request.

Surface Conditions

- Mill, Matte, Bright and Brushed
- Cleaning and degreasing
- Surface oiling
- Custom surface conditions available upon request.

Custom Finishes

Painting, Anodizing and Other Coatings 
- Polyester, Acrylic, Silicone Polyester, Kynar (Flouropolymer), Krystal Kote, etc.
- All colors and gloss levels.
- One-side or two sides.

Surface Embossing
- Diamond Embossing
- Pattern Embossing
- Stucco Embossing

Special Processing

- Cut-to-Length
- Tension Leveling
- Paper Interleaving
- Strippable PVC plastic coating (clear, blue, etc.)
- Fine grain, minimum earring, anodizing quality


Pancake Coils
- Horizontal or vertical axis packaging available
- Core types:  Fiber, Aluminum, Steel, Plastic
- Inner Diameter (ID) as required
- Outside Diameter (OD) as required
- Inserts as required
- Separators as required - cardboard or wooden slates 
- Wooden Pallets or Crates

Level Wound Coil
- Traverse wound coils
Oscillate wound coils

Custom Packaging
- Custom packaging, coil weights, inner diameters and outer diameters are available  
  upon request.

Export Packaging
- Export packaging in conformance with IPPC International Standards is available upon


Aerospace & Defense
- Aerospace Industry
- Defense Applications

- Automotive heat
- Automotive HVAC
- Fin stock – bare and
- License plates
- Plate heat exchangers
- Radiators
- Truck Spoilers

Building & Construction
- Architectural
- Awnings and canopies
- Ceiling framework
- Doors and windows
- Ducts, louvers and
- Flashing
- Flexible tubes and
- Garage and entry
- Gutters and drain pipes
- Insulation
- Lighting Components
- Roofing, siding, soffit,
  Screen frames
- Trim

- Boats
- Carports
- Cooking utensils
- Cookware/Bake ware
- Furniture
- Furniture Tube Stock
- Household appliances
- Sporting goods

- Cable wrap shielding
- Computer disk slides
- Consumer electronics
- Electrical engineering
- Electronic cladding
- Electronic equipment
- Flexible conduit
- Transformers

- Air-conditioning
- Baseboards
- Fin stock – bare and
- Heating and air
  conditioning equipment
- Heat exchangers

Machinery & Equipment
- Irrigation pipe
- Ladders
- Pipe jacketing
- Marine applications
- Offset plates for offset

- Deep drawing - fine
  grain, minimum earring
- Distribution
- Engraving plates
- Printing plates
- Pressure vessels

- Food containers
- Flexible packaging
- Foil wrap
- Rigid containers
- Semi-rigid containers

- Shipbuilding 
Transportation systems
- Tread plate

- Adhesive tape
- Civil Engineering
- Environmental
- General Engineering
- Highway signs
- Railroad engineering
- Reflectors
- Silos
- Solar technology
- Swimming pool liners
- Telecommunications
- Traffic signs
- Water treatment