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Flat Rolled


  • Copper-Nickel Bar
  • Copper-Nickel Pipe
  • Copper-Nickel Rod
  • Copper-Nickel Tubes
  • Copper-Nickel Wire
  • Custom Copper-Nickel Products


Copper Nickel Foil

Global Metals provides a full range of precision copper-nickel (cupro-nickel) foil for almost any application.  Our cupro-nickel foil is produced in a wide variety of copper-nickel alloys, including clad composites.  It can be produced in standard dimensions or custom made to your requirements.  Our foil is manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications, and tighter tolerances are available upon request.  We offer various platings and coatings, edge conditioning, special surface conditions, profiled foil, and multiple packaging options to meet our customers’ requirements.  The following is a summary of our production capabilities. Our aluminum strip can be produced in standard dimensions or custom made to your requirements. We produce both imperial and metric units.


ASTM Trade Name EN / DIN
C70600 Cupro-Nickel 706 (90/10)  
C71500 Cupro-Nickel 715 (70/30)  
Other Alloys available upon request

Clad Composites

  • Composites


Min. Gauge 0.0002" 0.005mm  
Max. Gauge 0.006" 0.150mm For thicker gauges see Copper-Nickel Strip


Min. Width 0.032" 0.8mm For narrower widths see Copper-Nickel Wire
Max. Width 48.00" 1,220mm  


Our copper-nickel (cupro-nickel) foil is manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications.  Tighter tolerances are available upon request.
Custom tempers are available upon request.


Manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications and standards including: ASTM, EN, and DIN. Our brass strip can also be manufactured to meet the requirements of other international standards, including: ASME, SAE, AMS, AWS, FED, MIL, QQ, ISO, BS, AFNOR and JIS.

Surface Finishes

Oil-free surface
Electro plating
Hot-dip tin plating
Deburred or rounded edges
Bright and polished surfaces
Foil with protective coatings
Profiled foil by either milling or stamping


  • Boat Hulls
  • Marine


Pancake Coils

  • Up to 500 PIW (pounds per inch of width)
  • Horizontal or vertical axis packaging available
  • Core types:  Fiber, Aluminum, Steel, Plastic
  • Inner diameter (ID) as required
  • Outside diameter (OD) as required
  • Inserts as required
  • Separators as required

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging, coil weights, inner diameters and outer diameters are available upon request.